By car loan is meant a loan where the car is pledged. Mortgages in real estate or a guarantee from a guarantor for such loans are not defined as car loans. Mortgages can be interesting because you get lower interest rates on the loan. Loan against bail may be necessary because you do not have sufficient collateral in the car. Read more at

Here’s what you need to know about car loans .


Gradually, most banks have begun offering mortgages in the car. Previously, the finance companies were unanimous. Due to high fees, the financing companies are performing poorly. Term fees are often particularly important because the loans are on average quite small.

Also, be aware that it is quite common for car dealers to have very special financing options associated with a campaign. Such offers are often favorable and should be exploited to the full.

It is difficult to get a car loan if you buy the car privately.

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The maximum repayment period on loans with mortgages in the car is normally seen as 5 years. For small amounts or older cars, it may be shorter.
Normally, you must have 35% of the purchase price in equity. If the loan goes through a dealer, 35% equity is statutory. However, if you go directly to a finance company, you can get a higher loan. However, this depends on your credit rating.

If you have the opportunity to pledge real estate, as mentioned, you can get cheaper loans.

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But it depends, among other things, on what kind of priority this loan gets. Smaller loans, and loans with a second priority, must be taken out in bank. But it is by no means certain that the effective interest rate is lower than on the best car loans. If you are mortgaging the home, you must also pay as much repayment as you would otherwise on a car loan. It doesn’t make sense to finance a car with a 20-year mortgage, just so you know. One final point here is that you use up the mortgage space which can be useful for other uses. We recommend RealFinans car loans, which you can find on our right side. Read more about Car Loans and Loans with Mortgage in the Car.

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